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Our Values

To grow happy, healthy children one imagination at a time. We are dedicated to providing a CLEAN. SAFE, FUN & HEALTHY environment for all Stir Crazy guests! We aim to deliver the perfect "Party and Play" experience by offering fun stimulating play in a safe clean environment with unique all inclusive party packages complimented by impeccable customer care.
Michelle and Greg Benson are the co-founders of STIR CRAZY FAMILY FUN CENTRE. The idea of STIR CRAZY was born from a love of family, children and the entrepreneurial spirit. In the fall of 2009 Greg’s career path took an unexpected turn and it was at that timeThanks Giving of 2009 to be exact that Michelle and Greg decided to focus on a new dream. Michelle already had a successful home based business “KIDZ CAKEZ AND FACEZ” and although it was the right business at the time, Michelle had big plans to grow and evolve it into something AMAZING. Drawing on both of their strengths including backgrounds in retail, accounting, party planning, cake decorating, child care, customer service and SO much more, the couple quickly groomed an impressive business plan and began the search for space. Coupled with hard work, dedication and a true vision in just 9 short months STIR CRAZY FAMILY FUN CENTRE was born. Michelle and Greg continue to “dream big” and grow their vision daily. Their passion, dedication and love of their business and customers are unique to STIR CRAZY and the quality of care and affordable products and services continue to attract families and keep them coming back. With such an open forum to both positive and negative feedback STIR CRAZY evolves daily and continues to raise the bar in the FEC industry. Together with their 4 children Greg and Michelle have many more plans for their family owned and operated business. Watch for big things to come, this is just the beginning...
CLEAN: Cleanliness is important to the well being and overall health of all persons especially children.
We aim to provide a clean and sanitized environment promoting health and wellness for all guests.
SAFETY: As parents we know that children participating in indoor play will dart in & out and up & down quickly. With that in mind we have installed the safest play equipment available designed to minimize "blind spots" and allow guardians and staff full visibility at all times. This is our way of promoting the most relaxing, worry-free environment for all. We have implemented Rules viewable online and on site for the safety and enjoyment of all visitors and staff. 
FUN: Fun of course is what inspired STIR CRAZY FAMILY FUN CENTRE! The 50's themed atmosphere, smells of fresh baked cakes and sounds of laughter are sure to make any visit a fun, fond and lasting memory. 
We aim to offer ever changing events and classes promoting fun for the entire family. Visit our EVENTS &CLASS pages for more details.
STIR CRAZY FAMILY FUN INC. promotes a safe and welcoming environment for all of its visitors.
We take your child's safety VERY seriously!
For this reason we have put together a list of rules and regulations to ensure a safe, clean and fun environment for all guests. 
We ask for your cooperation in abiding by the following rules allowing for a safe and fun-filled experience for ALL.
At STIR CRAZY FAMILY FUN CENTRE we take your family’s safety VERY seriously!  
For this reason we have put together a set of rules to ensure a great experience is had by all.
We ask for your cooperation in abiding by the following rules and regulations while visiting our facility.
Stir Crazy rules are strictly enforced and MUST be followed!
·         It is imperative that ALL guests behave and obey Stir Crazy Personnel and facility rules! Those whose conduct or whose influence creates safety risks or discipline problems will be asked to leave without reimbursement.
·         Abuse of staff or fellow guests will NOT be tolerated! Guests challenging or refusing to abide by facility rules will be asked to leave!
·         Stir Crazy adheres to a strict maximum capacity enforced by law! When we reach full capacity wait lists take immediate effect!  All guests wishing to check in are subject to wait lists including our Annual Pass holders! Waiting guests will not be permitted to check in to the facility until it is safe to do so!  Capacity counts factor in pending party reservations.  Birthday guests receive priority entry when wait lists are in effect!
·         Caregivers accompanying child guests/minors MUST be at least 18 years of age!
·         Adults are NOT permitted past security unless accompanied by a child!
·         Stir Crazy reserves the right to refuse admission!
·         Guests appearing to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be permitted to enter the facility or to remain on site.
·         Caregivers must accompany children to and from the Premises and must remain on the premises while their child guests are checked in.
·         Caregivers must check-in AND check-out with their children.
·         Caregivers are responsible for supervision & assume full responsibility of minors in their care.
·         Caregivers are encouraged to accompany children under the age of 3 in the large play structure.
·         Caregivers MUST supervise child guests playing inside the Bounce Houses!
·         ABSOLUTLEY NO OUTSIDE FOOD/NUTS OR BEVERAGE permitted inside the facility or outside of designated eating areas. This includes the point of entry prior to clearing the security gate!  Anyone seen consuming outside food will be warned and asked to remove it from the facility immediately.  If the food is not removed or continues to be consumed the offending guests will be asked to leave without reimbursement!
·         SOCKS ARE MANDATORY FOR ALL GUESTS! Should you forget socks they are available for purchase at the Admission counter.
·         NO GUM!
·         NO SMOKING!
·         Birthday parties must be reserved in advance may only take place in a private party room! 
·         NO STIR CRAZY Cakes or otherwise permitted in the common area!
·         Parties may NOT take place in the common area NO EXCEPTIONS!  See our list of party services and restrictions for more information!
·         STIR CRAZY is NOT responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property.
·         LOCKERS AVAILABLE FOR RENT at the Admission Counter!